About Me

I am a developer with particular interests in Javascript, React.js, Python and Node.js. With a background in marketing, I quickly discovered my passion for web development through school projects. The opportunity to combine technical problem solving with the technology energizes me to keep actively learning frontend development as well as the backend. When I am not coding or studying, I love to spend my free time going on hikes and watching movies.


React Movie Site

A movie database web app built with React that uses TMDb API with search function and favourites list.

Personal Portfolio

My personal portfolio is a full design and branding project that was built with React, Tailwind, Framer Motion on a Next.js app.

The Plant Site

A site built using WordPress and WooCommerce that allows users to purchase items and view catalog based on categories.

Role Playing Game

A javascript game that with every click, it generates a random damage for the opponent till one of them wins.

Get In Touch

Like what you see? I would love to get in touch with you!