A movie database web app built with React that uses TMDb API with search function and favourites list.


Html, Javascript, Sass, React, Redux



Search Function

The search bar in the navigation menu lets users input a query to search for movies by title. They query is used to fetch data from the search endpoint of the Movie Database's (TMDB) API, which returns a paginated list of matching movies.

Favourite List

This feature allows users to add any movies to their favourites list by pressing on the heart icon on the home page, single movie page, or favourites page. Favourited movies are stored in a Redux global state that allows dynamic rendering on the favourites page when movies are added or removed. The list is saved in the local storage.


The most challenging part about this project was the add to favourite feature. It involved use react-redux and going into local storage to add, remove, or retrieve movies for the favourites list. Through developing this project, I learned more about the foundation of React and Sass, as well as state management.

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